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The silver lining to this Covid cloud we’re all under is that we have the time to sit in one place; so why not use this time to reflect – on your life, on past incidents, or to design possible futures? I have been doing this kind of reflection by keeping a daily journal for decades, and it has been a wonderful way to express my inner life, to seek clarity, to vent even, and to more closely observe the world around me. It has now become a reassuring morning habit; a way to greet myself daily.

Journaling supports my creative writing as it helps me clear my mind so I can focus better on the creative project at hand. Journaling is also writing practice; a way to keep my writing muscles honed and flexible, so I can smoothly get into more serious writing. At times the lines blur, as one of my fictional characters decides to speak to me during my journal writing, and I welcome this, as it enriches my fiction.

Some of you may have always wanted to write, but have not started, or have stopped, for one reason or another. Journaling is a perfect way to test the waters; you just might learn to swim. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in writing, or anyone who wants to gain more awareness of their inner life, to try journaling.

We all know it’s not easy to start a new habit, however good for you it is, which is why I have designed this workshop – Writing Your Heart – as a place for us to journal together over a six-week period. Join me as we use fun prompts and other writing exercises to stir the imagination. Please read on for more details.



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