A Journaling Experience with Doreen Baingana

Journaling is an effective way to gain deeper access into your inner life. This increased awareness will help light your path toward desired life changes. Guided journaling with others creates synergies that enhance its benefits as participants become witnesses of one another. This online workshop is an opportunity to embark on or boost your reflection practice in a supportive, safe and fun environment.


Journaling can help you:
• Reflect on and record life events, and thus unveil their meaning;
• Really listen to your inner voice;
• Give voice to your hopes, dreams, plans, and even regrets, trials and victories;
• Practice the skill of observation of the world around you, which will enrich your experiences and enhance your writing abilities;
• Write on a regular basis so it becomes a habit; a vital tool for those who want to start or continue writing projects, such as stories, blogging, articles, books, etc.
• By-pass your inner critic so that your creative juices may flow freely;
• Record and keep pace with any life venture or project you embark on, such as starting a new business, a garden, a diet and exercise challenge, daily spiritual reflection, etc.

Why not take this opportunity to explore your inner garden?

When: Mondays, 7 – 9 pm, Kampala time (GMT +3) for 6 sessions, starting from 3rd August 2020.
Where: Zoom
What: Each session will involve writing prompts and timed writing periods. We will then have a (voluntary) sharing and listening period.
Who: Open to anyone based on the African continent.
Please note: this is not a traditional creative writing workshop, that is, we will not focus on the writing craft. Rather, it is experiential writing practice aimed at inner life exploration in community.
Please note: these are NOT therapy or counseling sessions.
Fee per session: Ugandans: 55,000 UGX. Others: $20.
Payment modes: Mobile money transfer, Moneygram or Western Union.

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Any queries, call: +256 781 411 068 (Also Whatsapp)
+256 758 411 068
or email: mawazoafricawriting@gmail.com